Sunday, December 23, 2012

A New Spin On An Old Game Spells Out Nostalgia ...And Profit!

   Most of you will remember what an Atari is, some of you may not. Let me enlighten you if you are part of the latter.

        Back in my youth,  33 years ago , this was the XBOX, the Playstation  and the Nintendo. It was the pinnacle of home entertainment and if you had one, you were in bliss as were all the  neighborhood kids taking up residence in your floor. If you didn't,  you were on of the neighborhood kids.

            Home electronics were not an everyday occurrence unless you counted your Floor model COMPACT television set or mom and dads almond colored coffee pot made by Norelco. Our Ipods were the size of a desktop computer and were usually found resting somewhere on the shoulder.There were no armbands to accommodate jogging with our boom boxes though.

        Before the Atari came along, your video gaming activities was severely limited because you had to go elsewhere to play them. The  gas station, 7-11,  skating rinks, laundry mats and pool halls were all adorned with them .But when you were a child your ability to play them was severely hampered by three things. Your transportation, your parents, and your finances.

           You had to pay to play for each game, each and every game. If you lost a heated battle with an angry centipede or an asteroid came out of no where  and blew your space ship into a thousand pieces, the clock of DOOM would begin counting down while you scrambled for another quarter.
        Sometimes one would run out of quarters and would hit breakneck speeds across the laundry mat in hopes that your dear old mom would sympathize and flip you another quarter before the clock ran out. Lots of times you would hear the dreaded  "No More"  or  " That's Enough ".At this point would  usually resort  to searching the coin returns of  the soap dispensers and vending machines in hopes that you would find another quarter.
     Atari brought to us the endless joy that we could not experience anywhere else.You could play all you wanted without the  fear of running out of money or mom and dad telling you it was time to go now. You didn't have to wait in line or leave halfway through a game as mom finished  up at the store. It Was Freakin Awesome!     


                                                      CONNECTING THE DOTS

      It was around a week ago that I walked into Family dollar with Cris to get some things and seen this sitting on the shelf. My  Heart lept and I had a rush of nostalgic Euphoria as it brought fond memories of pixelated Pong , Battle Tanks, and Asteroids rushing back. Oh the endless Bleeps and Blips of Bliss !
      It hit me like a ton of bricks!" I'm not the only kid to feel this way about that game, except , I'm not a kid anymore, and neither are they" . They have jobs now, and money.  I like money..  Checking my handy dandy smart phone revealed Demand, HUGE DEMAND!  There were easily an average of 15 bidders on each Atari flashback closing within the next hour.The lowest price they were closing at was at least TWICE Family dollars offering of $32. There were even closed auctions within the last 24 hours of $125 or more on a BUY IT NOW . Buy it now is an auction style where you allow the customer to bypass the bidding and buy it for your asking price. I set mine on a 3 day auction and started it at .99 cents with free shipping .Im glad I did because It sold today for $69, I think Ill let that buyer  buy me an  Atari  now.    Merry Christmas Everyone. We'll talk next Next Week!

   Ps these are still selling hot but you gotta move them fast. They sell great on a one day auction and start your listing at .99 cents to engage bidders and encourage them to bid on yours.Then they get caught up in the bidding .( emotional bidders) Anything past this weekend I would advise your to check what the markets doing before buying any as all markets change on a regular basis. You can accomplish this one Ebay by using the "refine" button > type atari flashback 4 , then click refine, and check the completed and sold items box.This will show you at what price they have recently closed at. Good Luck!

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