Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar

Yesterday I told you about the angel ornament and the ceramic Christmas tree that we found at a yard sale. They both brought gave us a good return.I had also mentioned that I picked up  a ceramic Santa figurine I paid a dollar for. The santa was in its original box packed in styrofoam.

  I could tell that Santa was an older collectible because of the fade in the box and he was.I listed him on ebay with a starting bid of  .99 cents. Why ? Everyone wants something for nothing, and I knew I wouldnt lose anything if it the auction closed at .99cents because I only paid a dollar.
  The auction recently closed with the winning bidder gettiing our Santa for just .99 cents. However,
my shipping price was set  at 12.99.Its only going to cost me $6 to ship.  Not a huge win but were moving forward.                                               

                                                      Santa collectible  sold     .99 + $12.99 shipping
                                                                                             Paid    .99 cents
                                                                             actual shipping   6.99
                                                                          EBay/Paypal fees  1.25   =   $4.76 Profit

Heres some more closed auctions from this week.

     Sold       $9.59
  Paid -        $0.99
  shipped-    $5.35
 Ebay Fees- $0.86    Profit  -  $2.39

We could have shipped this cheaper and I'm sure well get better with that, but it was only one of several auctions that closed that day and we had our hands full.We decided to make shipping easy and just shoved it in a flat rate padded envelope. somebody bought these to do christmas crafts in case your wondering.

  You may remember drinking out of these things when you were a kid in the late 70's early 80's. They were jam and jelly jars made by welch's and had cartoon characters on them. I bought 5 of them at Goodwill for  $0.59 each 5 x0.59 = $2.95 for the set.

Sold         $17.06
 Paid          $2.95
Shipped     $8.00
Ebay fees   $1.53   Profit    $4.58 
 I am definatly going to have to learn the economy shipping , It would certainly maximize profits.

   Vintage Nymphenburg Collectible

 Sold          $18.99
   Paid        $ 2.99
 Shipped     $ 7.00
 EBay fees   $1.70   Profit    $7.30



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