Monday, December 17, 2012

Back To The Grind

The past week reminded me that Life isn't always what you make of it.Sometimes Life has its own plans. Life it seems, decided to kick me in the teeth this week and left me with a stinging reality.Our lives are not our own. No matter how hard we try to keep the world at bay it will always find away to creep back in. Our family has endured life's lesson this week, but we did not come out unscathed. However, It has brought us closer together and allowed us to remember what is  really important. Especially this time of the year. Happy Holidays everyone.

                                                  BACK TO THE GRIND

    This week proved to be profitable for the small amount of money that I had invested.I didn't have a lot of time time to put into eBay this week because of home demands.Thank God this is kind of a passive income once you get it started. Even though a million other things were happening at home this week, and I pretty much had to drop the whole project, the work I had done the previous two weeks kept paying off. My phone kept making the Cha Ching noise every time someone made a purchase. It was a comforting sound at a time when we really needed the money. Have a look at what sold this week.

                                              THE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER

This sweater was ugly but  the pictures just don't do it justice. Let me explain.
During the holidays more and more people are joining together to celebrate a growing fad , The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. The center piece? The UGLIEST sweater you can find.I hear they're a hoot and would love to attend one.For now, I'll just supply the sweaters.Where would you find an ugly Christmas sweater? This one was found at Goodwill for $2.99.
This old sweater netted me a 10 spot with little effort. The sweater was literally hand stitched by some little old lady for an ungrateful family member I would imagine. The threads were loose and it looked like it was shedding everywhere.No one else in their right mind would have bought it.But I did. Here's the math:

SOLD              $21.58
Paid                     $2.99
shipping cost        $5.15
EBay/Paypal fees $1.60  
PROFIT             $11.84


This was my Favorite Pick last week and you'll soon see why.I walked into Goodwill and found 3 of these gems laying stacked one on top of another for $2.99 each . I knew what they were because this toy was popular when I was a child. It was immortalized when E.T used one to hook up to an umbrella and phone home.
I thought "Man , you don't see those around anymore. Cha Ching!"
A quick check of EBay from my smart phone revealed that they were averaging $40 each! I grabbed up all 3 and placed them oh so carefully into my cart. I felt a sense of pride welling up from within as I thought. Ha ! If I sell all three of these at $40 Bucks a pop That's more than a days wages for me at work!
Well, I sold 2 of them so far and  I just listed the third one today.The first auction hadn't even finish when I got a personal message from a guy in Los Angeles asking If I had another besides the one that everyone was fighting over. That man paid me $95 total to Fed ex it to him. Leaving me with a Cool Profit of $60 bucks ! This morning the 1st auction closed at $56. I still have one more to sell and just listed it, I bet your asking  yourself why anyone would pay $60 bucks for a relic like that huh? It seems there are very popular bands out there that are "bending" or "modifying the circuits to use them as instruments in dance music.You can check them out on You-Tube! 
            Speak n Spell       SOLD              $115               (for 2)
                                      Paid   $5.98
                                      PROFIT  $109.02  !

1 more to sell !

                                                                GOT        INK?


 Here's another item that was picked up while at Goodwill. Two unopened packages of Kodak printer Ink.If you have a printer at home then you already know that sometimes printer ink is so expensive to refill, that its actually cheaper to buy another printer with the ink already included and toss your old one out.While I don't advocate filling the landfills with your printers every 30 days, we live in a throw away society. This is why I knew this would be a good pick. Please take heed : not all inks are created equal and some have expiration dates. You are not allowed to sell expired goods on EBay so please do your home work first.
Kodak Printer Ink cartridges   SOLD  $20.50
                                                Paid     $1.99
                                            EBay fees $1.60
                                               shipping $3.00   PROFIT   $13.91  !

                                                            Converse All Stars

 In case you didn't know, converse All Stars have been around for a LONG time and have a HUGE following, used or not.I'll just skip to the good part here.Picked them at Goodwill  off the women's shoe rack at a cost of $2.99.If you do this, make sure the shoes are in great shape with little to no wear.

                                                            All Stars SOLD $21.99
                                                                                Paid $2.99
                                                                          Shipped $7.35
                                                                               Fees $1.90    PROFIT   $9.75 !
                                                                         (Lets see your Mutual Fund do that in a week on $2.99)

                                                   Skechers Exercise Shape Up Shoes

These Skechers Shape Ups seem to be a recurring theme at our local Goodwill. I scored two pairs in the same day that looked brand new.I believe they are supposed to help firm up the Lady's rear quarters while they walk and are classified as an exercise shoe.At any rate  they are in demand! Women everywhere are looking to get rid of their holiday meals around this time of the year.

Skechers Shape Up Shoes   SOLD  $24.99
                                               Paid    $2.99
                                             shipping $7.35
                                                                                     Fees $2.10   PROFIT   $12.55 !

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