Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Heart Of The Ebay Project

 So far I've showed you some great ideas that have been good money makers for me. Some of you may be doubting your ability to do the same thing.Well, I'm hear to tell you that you can do the same thing with little risk. Risk is something I just really have begun to understand. Its all around us and its in everything we do, from financial decisions to climbing into your car to go to school or work.There is always some degree of risk involved.
  By getting behind the wheel of your car you are taking risk of injury , risk of damage to your vehicle, risk of hurting someone else or that someone else could hurt you if they cross a yellow line.
  When you eat food from a store or restaurant , you absorb the risk of becoming ill because your food is tainted or improperly handled or packaged. Even doing the dishes involves risk, you could burn yourself or cut your hand on a broken glass if your not careful. THE RISK IS THERE, but you manage it. You ACCEPT it. You commit to doing the dishes and then you test  the water to ensure its not too hot for your hands, You wash the glasses carefully and take care in putting them away.When driving your car, You've engaged in risk and are actively trying to manage it by observing traffic patterns and lights, doing the speed limit when possible and hitting the brakes when  the not so safe driver in front of you cuts you off.
  Everything in life involves risk, but without it, we would curl up into a little ball and never leave the house. You would never fly an airplane, drive a car , or eat a greasy hand tossed pizza prepared by  Italian Joe down at the pizzeria. Buying and selling on EBay involves risk too, but I'm finding , the risk is minimal. At the heart of the EBay project is my new prepaid smart phone from straight talk.It costs me $45 a month for a phone card with unlimited texting and phone useage and Data ( internet) The best part is .. I have the cdma version , so it runs on th everizon network!
This is the one I use. Ive been doing most of my ebaying from this phone.It sends me buyers questions, allows me to leave feedback, alerts me with a cha ching! when someone buys something and money is transferred to my account and so much more!
   I take this phone with me everywhere I go.The great thing about the mobile EBay application, is that you can be standing next to any item at the store and scan  the bar code or type in the items name and see what the going rate is for the same item on eBay is. Lots of times your going to find theres a Huge difference in the price you can get something for, and the price that you will receive for selling it to a GLOBAL market!
    The great thing about it is, I usually don't invest much money in the things i buy and certainly not if they're not selling on eBay.The things you should be looking for is closed items, or recently finished auctions.You can use the "refine" option to check what price the recent auctions for your items have closed at , how many bidders it had ( demand ), how many are available ( supply) and make an educated decision as to the items or items profitability or if you can make enough money to make it worth your time.What a GREAT MARKET research tool I have in the Palm of my hands.! Fell free to ask questions or leave posts or comments if you need help with the free eBay mobile app or tips and hints of any kind.!

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