Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red Neck Wine Glass Gold

Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret I've been harboring for the last few weeks. The picture to the left, in case your not familiar with this species of glass, is a Redneck Wine Glass.Because of them Ive been basking in the fruits of my labor
(or the lack thereof)  for the last 3 weeks. There is a craze for these things right now! Ive sold everyone Ive made and at times its hard to keep up.I raised the price to control the demand and it didn't work, America is going crazy for a little piece of Red Neck authenticity.But here's the truth. THESE THINGS ARE EASY TO MAKE AN INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE! Check it out.

I took the picture above in my handy dandy light box ( glorified cardboard light tent ) and tested the ebay waters and BANG !I HIT  PAY DIRT!. I know nothing good last forever and that's the way the market swings so I'm not concerned about sharing my secret with you so you too can turn one dollar bills into $10's  Ready for this?
Here's the recipe ... Go to the dollar tree.You know the place where everything is just $1? Get 1 dozen candle glass candle holders. Then run over to walmart and grab a dozen  Ball Mason jars at $7.99 per dozen.Lastly , go all the way back to the crafting area where they sell hot glue sticks and beads and grab a tube of this stuff. It runs all of $3 or so. It bonds glass to glass and dries clear in 24 hours.Go home and join the two and you've just turned $24 into $120 +! averaging  $20 a set. i sell them in sets of two and charge $8 bucks shipping and find it difficult to keep up.Please remember that EBay is an ever changing market place and can change without notice so do a search first so you don't lose your butt! From now until New Years I don't see any problems.Good Luck! See Below for a look at our last batch drying.Also allow a full 24 hours of drying before shipping.you don't want them to come apart on your customer. I haven't had a single complaint yet and have even managed to sell them locally for $15 a piece!

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