Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Ebay Project

  I think I'm finally starting to catch a financial break here. I'm excited to show everyone what I've been working at lately but have to get better organized first .I have a Tutorial  in  the works so you can see how we make these lamps.I'm currently taking pictures of the whole process and wrestling with my writing skills.
   Today ,Cris sold 4 more lamps to a lady who bought 4 from us last year! Apparently she really likes these lamps because she gifts them to her friends and family for Christmas. CHA - CHING!  4 bottles X $25 = another $100 bill. Cris is going to make a special lamp for her as a gift just to say thanks.I know it makes her feel good that people are going nuts over her artwork.      
         Two days ago, she sold nearly $300 dollars worth and two weeks before that, they netted us $340 during the 6 hour fire hall craft show. These things literally sell themselves! At times, you cant help but feel bad for the other vendors who sell the wood, jewelry, candles and soap crafts because there is such a crowd around our table and little business at theirs.
        Today marks the 2nd week in my newest project, my journey to make a few bucks on EBay! I have to say, I'm impressed.VERY  Impressed. I can't wait to share the results here on my blog, I'm extremely proud of my new found entrepreneurial skills. Theres nothing quite like the sound of your smartphone going cha-ching! in your pocket everytime something sells because in my world , every little bit helps!

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  1. In everyone's world, "every little bit helps". :-)