Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why The Poor stay Poor according to Rich Dad

No, the title is not in reference to my father, but rather, A book I bought on amazon last year called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". According to that book, rich people know this to be true," The poor, will always be poor because you cant teach an old dog new tricks".
  Essentialy the author says people in general, who are stuck in the rat race and cannot make ends meet, are in this position because they're too busy trying to keep up with the "Jone's family". In other words. They invest in LIABILITIES , or things that COST YOU MONEY.  For instance, a cell phone, your cable bill , your car , and even your dog are all liabilities. THEY COST YOU MONEY. Recurrently.
  A rich person , however,thinks differently. If I buy an ASSET, (something that MAKES YOU MONEY) , then my asset will pay for whatever toys I might like to have ( toys =Liabilities).
  All of this is fine and dandy, but there's an old adage that says " It takes money to make money". What if you have little money?I mean LITTLE money. Does that count me out of this life game that is so similar to monopoly? A game where all the properties are bought up and I keep landing on everyones property until I  bankrupt and fold? Pass GO, collect your paycheck, land on the utility company, the landlord and the tax man's spot.
You know, I'm just figuring out that life really is like a monopoly game, except on a bigger scale.One glaring difference is we don't all get the same opportunities. It's like coming to the table  to play AFTER all of the properties have been bought up, and then trying to survive. I wont get into politics here because it always turns out  bad. But I recently heard a politician during a debate saying " We cant just have Joe Blow opening a bank on the corner and lending money out of his garage now can we ?" If it's a FREE market, my question is, WHY CAN"T WE? I'll tell you why, people's interests are being protected, rest assured, their not mine.
   Today, I turned a  Quarter into  $15 dollars. and $2 into  $10.  It's a start! and it feels good, hope I can keep it up.
I'm hoping to show some cool pictures soon, so bare with me. I'm certain, I'll divulge some of my secrets by the end of next week. Until Later,

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