Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free Shipping Materials From The Post Office

I can still remember how excited I was when I sold my first item on eBay.I needed extra cash and had too much junk laying around.I knew there was no where to sell  most of the items I was willing to part with. A couple of broken laptops that were being used for doorstops some old PlayStation games to a system  that no longer worked, etc. Our Great Dane puppy had done serious damage to the laptop computer when he decided to chew the keys off of it. Then the visiting grand kids ensured the job was complete when they did a double footed landing off the bed and smack dab in the middle. The laptop was trashed, but it still had useful parts, and somewhere, someone, needed those parts. A light bulb went on in my head and I checked EBay for broken computers.
       Sure enough, the parts market was thriving , there were broken laptop computers auctions closing every few minutes with a slurry of bidders fighting over them. I seen one worse than mine go for  THIRTY SIX DOLLARS !  Thirty Six was a good number for me. Much better than tossing it in the trash and having the garbage man charge me to haul it to the dump. I took a few quick pictures of the laptop from all angles and tried to describe it as accurately as possible while being honest about its condition. That's when I arrived at the " Set Shipping Options" part.  "What?" I was clueless on how to ship .Fast Forward a month later and here's what I'm doing now.
              The United States Post Office will GIVE you FREE shipping supplies as long as you ship Priority Mail. This is now the way I ship 98% of my items sold.  Priority Mail comes with FREE tracking and delivery confirmation so you can track your package all the way from your house to the buyer from your smart phone or computer! You do like free don't you?

          Did I mention its also FAST?  Priority Mail  ships 2-5 business days and fast shipping means happy customers.You can pick up boxes, cartons, bubble padded envelopes, DVD and Game boxes free of charge at any local post office.Whats more, theres no limit to how many you can take and if going to the post office is too much work for you, like it is for me, you can go directly to their site and order the shipping supplies delivered TO YOUR DOOR IN BULK AT NO COST!  You don't even pay shipping! Last week alone we ordered 5 types of shipping boxes and 2 types of mailers in bulk lots of 25 each .It was as painless as pushing the order button on my smart phone.
    If FREE boxes shipped to your door FREE of charge isn't enough to sell you.Here are two more tasty morsels. THEY WILL ALSO GIVE YOU FREE ROLLS OF PRIORITY TAPE!

  You have just removed the expense of shipping materials ( minus packing ) and put the united states post office to work for YOU delivering YOUR boxes to YOUR door-step when YOU tell them to. And all you had to do was take your smart phone out of your pocket and click "more please "  .. Caviar anyone?
    There is a catch, the tape is for use with Priority shipping boxes only. This works great for me, because that's how I ship.I do keep a roll I had to buy around in the rare case I decide to ship another method.
          There are two types of Priority Mail boxes, Flat Rate and Regular. They look Identical except "Flat Rate" is printed directly on the flat rate boxes.The difference between the two is that a flat rate ships for the same amount no matter how heavy the object or where its going. IF IT FITS IT SHIPS! This greatly simplifies the whole shipping process and is the way to go for anything going a long ways or something that is really heavy or for the convenience of it all.
     The other option is Regular Priority.These boxes do not have Flat Rate printed on them and are assessed by their dimensions and weight.Sometimes you can save your buyer a little money if they're really close by shipping this way. EBay has a great shipping calculator built in that allows you to play with both options BEFORE committing to the way you want to ship the package so you can see what your Best option is. The last thing I'd like to mention is if you oder your shipping materials through the Usps Ebay site, they will send you Priority Mail EBAY CO-BRANDED BOXES at no cost! This adds a great deal of profesionalism tp your buisness because the boxes are printed with the EBay logo right on them !

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